115368 激情能量 500ml薰香精油


82662經典檀香 1000ml薰香精油

經典檀香是一款獨特的香氛,它是由最優質的檀香和琥珀所製成的,每一滴都充滿了奢華和品質。 經典檀香也是老闆們的最愛 據他們的分享使用之後生意越來越好. 不僅適合在家使用,更能在辦公室、商店、酒店等場所使用。

82779 經典尤加利 1000ml薰香精油


116098 帝國綠茶 1000ml薰香精油


116007葡萄柚激情 1000ml薰香精油



Dear Partners,

We are very proud to inform you that our team has been able to formulate, within a few weeks, a new alcoolic sanitized solution to help answering the very large demand. This has required an extraordinary effort from the R&D team to develop a stable and efficient formula, from the sourcing department to gather all necessary materials, from the manufacturing one to reengineer our conditioning lines, from many others to make it possible, especially the production people working two shifts within this particularly tough context. And, all this, thanks to the incredible energy infused by Olivier, daily.

We forecast to produce over a million bottles, during 4 weeks, in both 250ml and 500ml formats (see pictures attached), under the brand Maison Berger Paris. In terms of distribution, we only have the homologation for France and we have asked the right to do so in other countries, with no answer yet. We give priority to the healthcare sector, with first a donation to the Rouen Universitary Hospital, then a strong contribution to non-profit organization and the rest to other healthcare professions.

Again, this is an unprecedented situation and the Maison Berger team has proven its remarkable capacity to mobilize resources and face that challenge.

We do hope you are still in good health, preserving yourself and your closest and we wish you to remain confident and full of optimism !

The team Maison Berger Paris



我們很榮幸地通知您,我們的團隊已經能夠在幾週內製定出新的消毒酒精方案,以幫助滿足目前巨大的需求。 這需要研發團隊付出巨大的努力來開發穩定有效的配方,從採購部門收集所有必要的材料,從製造到重新設計我們的空調生產線,從許多其他方面使之成為可能,尤其是生產人員在這個特別艱難的環境中早晚两班制工作。 而且,這一切都要歸功於Olivier每天注入的驚人能量。

我們預計在4週內將以Maison Berger Paris品牌生產250ml和500毫升,超過100萬瓶(見附圖)。 在發行方面,目前我們只有法國的認證,我們已經要求申請在其他國家/地區的註冊權。 我們優先供給考慮醫療保健領域,首先是向魯昂大學醫院捐赠,然後是對非營利組織作出有力貢獻,而對其他醫療保健行業的貢獻則是巨大的。

同樣,這是前所未有的情況,Maison Berger團隊證明了其動員資源和應對挑戰的非凡能力!